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Display Boxes 18969 Small
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Email for attachments: micheldor@gmail.com 

Michel d’Or Ltd. is devoted to producing useful tools for gem dealers worldwide.

Our tools are innovative products, designed especially for today’s gem-dealers. Intended mostly for daily use, Michel d’Or products, emblazoned with your company logo, are perhaps the most effective promotional tools available.

With your logo on one of our products, you may rest assured that your company’s image will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The usefulness of our tools guarantees they won’t be discarded, filed away or forgotten, unlike most other forms of advertising. Our products will create an instant and lasting awareness of you and your Company.

email for attachments: micheldor@gmail.com

Display Boxes 18969 XSmall    Fluorescence Testing   
Display Boxes 18969 Small    Clear Boxes   
Display Boxes 18969-PL Large    Window Boxes   
Display Boxes 18969-BR Long    Scoops   
Clear Display boxes    Organizer Box   
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Tweezers & Gem Holder    Gems Protector   
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